We are Rick, Debbie, Maddie, Ryan, Allie and Jake. I guess you could say we reached a turning point back in 2005 when we decided to move from southern CA to Idaho. Fed up with the traffic, smog and rude people, we knew we needed a drastic change in order to improve our quality of living. We fell in love with Idaho, it’s wacky weather and friendly people and are proud to call ourselves Idahoans! The next turning point in our lives was when an increased sense of environmental awareness took hold creating a drive to decrease our carbon footprint.


We bought less and less prepackaged foods, ate at home every night and used as many recycled materials as we could (most noticeable through our pallet fencing, outbuildings and our retaining wall made with used tires). 


As the years have passed, our drive for a better environment spread to wanting better health. This most recent turning point resulted in chickens and a small vegetable garden. Eating our first home raised egg was quite an experience as we realized that eggs actually have taste! The fresh vegetables inspired increased interest in cooking and the inclusion of foods we had previously avoided for any number of reasons. We expanded to dairy goats in an effort to have our own dairy products. We quickly realized that we not only would need more space but that our goats just didn’t give enough milk for the size of our family.


Eight years ago, we found our little slice of heaven right here in Meridian. It's only one acre, but we try our best to use it to its fullest potential. We extended our vegetable yards, raise pigs every winter, increased our flock of laying hens and added a dairy cow. We strive to grow or raise as much of our own food as is physically possible in the space we have available. We love the results...nutrient dense, delicious food and optimal health.


We've moved into trying to grow even more food that can be saved for long periods of time, so we can keep "our" food as long as possible. And we are working hard at trying different ways to inexpensively start as early as possible.


Meet the Farmers